Best Price Guarantee

We keep up - guaranteed! Profit from our best price guarantee.

I. Procedure

To claim the best price guarantee, please contact us by email at stating your customer number and the order and Item number of the item(s) for which you claim the Best Price Guarantee to take. In doing so, you must provide suitable proof of price, availability and characteristics of the competing offer. This can be achieved, for example, through the Transmission of a link to the corresponding competing offer or of photos of a prospectus or the offer in a retail store.

After a successful examination of the facts of the case, we will immediately refund the difference between the purchase price paid to us including all additional costs (in particular also the shipping costs) and the purchase price including all additional costs (in particular shipping costs) of the competing offer. The refund will be in the form of a credit note via the originally selected payment method.

II. Conditions for claiming the best price guarantee

The following conditions apply to claiming the best price guarantee:

1. The best price guarantee applies only to persons who, at the time of conclusion of the contract with us, are Consumers act. A consumer is any natural person who is a concludes legal transactions for purposes that are predominantly neither their can be attributed to their commercial or independent professional activity. In particular, commercial resellers are not permitted by a Utilization of the best price guarantee is excluded.

2. As part of our best price guarantee, we offer consumers the opportunity to application and, in accordance with the following provisions, a refund of the difference between the Purchase price including all additional costs of the article purchased from us in the Comparison to a more favourable purchase price including all additional costs with a to receive a competing offer.

3. The competing offer must come from a commercial supplier, on a after the respective provider identification (imprint) from Germany operated website or in a retail shop located in Germany at the time the best price guarantee is invoked be up to date and the competitor's article advertised with the prize must be be available.

4. The best price guarantee does not cover competitive offers which rejects, exhibition, return or demonstration goods, defective products or the subject of defective copies and offers based on eviction notices, Insolvency and sell-offs.

5. The competitive price must include all additional costs such as shipping costs. To the Comparative calculation of the shipping costs will be the inner german Standard shipping for the corresponding article is used.

6. Only those prices at which every consumer can purchase the offer, and not only members of certain groups of customers, and not only professional groups, companies, associations, clubs or similar institutions, customer or Discount programs. When determining the competitive price, individual Discounts or advantages excluded. This applies in particular to personalised vouchers and discounts or premium awards within the framework of customer loyalty programmes (e.g. use of customer cards or bonus programs). Also not considered remain quantity discounts and from the article manufacturer for the competing offer granted discount campaigns (e.g. cashback programs).

7. The competitive article must be new, unused, in its original packaging and undamaged.

8. The best price guarantee is only granted within the scope of normal household order quantities.

9. The best price guarantee can only be claimed once per item ordered will be.

10. The best price guarantee cannot be combined with other discounts.

11. The best price guarantee can only be granted within a cut-off period of seven days from the day of the order can be taken up with us. For the beginning of the period the The time at which the consumer placed the order with us is decisive. To meet the deadline, the receipt of the email is sufficient to claim the Best price guarantee with us. The regulation of § 193 BGB is applied for the calculation of the No application at the end of the period.